Arrrgh You Ready For This Semester?!?!

Welcome Back Pirates! I hope you all had an eventful Winter break. Words cannot describe how restful I was. Sometimes I went to sleep around 10pm and didn’t wake up until 11am. Sometimes I went to sleep in the middle of the day and woke up around 10pm. It was crazy! But it felt so good to rest and I think I deserved it LOL. I spent so much time with my family, which was very needed. And I went to Virginia a lot. I have many family members there. My home is in Elizabeth City, NC, so I’m only about 30- 45 minutes from Virginia. I also enjoyed getting out of E-City, since there’s nothing to do there. LOL, I’ve lived in E-City since 2003. From that time until 2010, their biggest “attractions” have been a Walmart, YMCA, Farm Fresh, Fairfield-Marriot, IHOP, Big Lots, Chick-Fil-A, Cookout and Ruby Tuesdays. Hahahaha…it’s ridiculous. I mean, things that should have been there long time ago. And they’re still missing out! But it’s all good. I didn’t do anything big or special over the break, but the relaxing and family time was just what I needed.

Well, it’s time for another awesome semester. Since we’ve made it through the first week, take some time to think about the classes you have. Make sure they are what you want and need. Read ALL of your syllabi- thoroughly. If you’re confused about ANYTHING, you need to talk to your teacher right away. I’ve already been to my teacher’s office because I needed to clarify some things… so stressful. But everything’s taken care of. I’m just hoping that this semester goes well. I’m taking 18 hours and about to fall out, Haha! Anyways, make sure you have some fun time this semester and don’t stress out too much. Polar Bear Plunge is January 19th at 7pm! Make sure you go, it’s going to be FUN! This will be my 3rd year participating. I hope it’s colder this year though. Last year I was disappointed. Also, find an organization that you might be interested in and join it. Being involved in organizations, making new friends and connections and participating in activities that you enjoy will provide you with unimaginable joy.

The whole point I’m trying to make is… have fun, stay out of trouble and make sure your grades are excellent. If you can do these three, you will be super successful in college and you’ll have the best time in your life. Once again, WELCOME BACK PIRATES! Let’s do it right this semester!

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My name is Louis Cameron and I am now a SENIOR at ECU majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Political Science. After graduating, I plan on attending University of Connecticut, University of Maryland College Park or Bowling Green State University and enrolling in a Higher Education/Student Affairs Master's Program. I am a strong, determined, disciplined and God-fearing young, Black man who will one day work at a university in either the Dean of Students Office, Orientation Programs or Student Involvement and Leadership. I love working with college students, guiding them into the college life and getting them involved in campus organizations. -Office Assistant, Dean of Students Office -NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program -Student Blogger, ECU Admissions Office -Founder and President, K.I.N.G.S. -Orientation Assistant, Student Transitions & First Year Programs -SGA Undergraduate Senator, College of Arts & Sciences -Chairperson, SGA Appropriations Committee -SGA Representative, ECU Parking & Transportation Committee -Former State Vice President, Student NC Assoc. of Educators

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