New year, New beginnings…

Hey everyone!

I’m back!! Welcome to all of  you; I hope you all had a good winter break and are ready for a new semester. I spent my break home with my family recovering from surgery but it was a well needed break and I realized how much I missed being home. I think the older the more you appreciate family and being in the home you grew up in. I went to New York with my family to see my grandparents for New Years and that is always fun. New York is my favorite place and I love going to see my family and going shopping. Overall my break was one of the best that i’ve had.

Well school has started and it’s back to reality. Back to studying and doing homework at all hours of the night and back to working two jobs. I am taking the maximum amount of classes this semester and I know it will be A LOT of work but I am ok with that because I know I just that much closer to graduating and getting my degree. This semester is special and kind of bittersweet. I am graduating in less than a year (December!) and this is my last spring semester of college as an undergrad. Looking back I cannot believe this is my senior year the years really did FLY BY! This semester will hold a lot of exciting opportunities for me starting with a trip I am taking with the hospitality department in March to…..Las Vegas! It is for International Hospitality Week and I will be going to different workshops and networking with potential future employers but I also plan to enjoy my time there as well. Hopefully I can line up a job after I graduate or at least a paid internship this summer. Needless to say I can’t wait for March and it all the motivation I need to continue working and studying.


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