Monthly Archives: February 2012


Hey Everybody! Well, the semester is going fast and I hope everybody is doing great so far this year! There are so many exciting things happening this semester. So far I have not had any downtime, taking 6 classes definitely is taking it’s toll and being a senior, I just do not want to do any work anymore. I have […]

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Sometimes the weather around here can become pretty unpredictable. Some days I wake up with the mindset that its spring and the pools should all be open. Then the next day it’s freezing and I’m dreading the walk to classes from the bus.   My classes keep me busy and so do all my involvement in organizations. I’m finally going […]

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Acceptance letters

It’s that time of year! The time when students are finding out what colleges they got into. A lot of students need to retake SATS or ACTs and that can be nerve wracking. I remember retaking my SATS just so I could do better.   What is considered good? What are schools looking for?   Some schools put their minimums […]

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