Test Anxiety

So it’s that time of the year in admissions when students are finding out whether they got into their colleges or not, and if not what they need to do. A lot of students need to retake SATs or ACTs and that can be nerve wracking. I remember being a senior and retaking my SATs just because I wanted to do better. But how good was good? What were schools looking for? Some schools put their minimums right on their admissions info while others just tell you yours isn’t high enough so I was nervous. Would I get into my top school? What if I didn’t?

I realized as my senior year went on that there’s no point in stressing out about it. At this point your application is in, transcipts are in, SAT/ACT scores are in and all you can do is wait. So why stress? This is the best year of high school. You have senior prom, hopefully senior skip day (or something along those lines), senior prom. I mean it’s a great year. Don’t spend it stressing out, you’ve done all you can so enjoy this time. I can promise you it goes by extremely fast.

As a graduating senior a lot of my friends are taking their standardized tests for graduate school; whether it be the DAT, GMAT, LSAT etc. and I see them stressing out on a regular basis. Thankfully, being in the military and going on active duty I don’t have to worry about that just yet. When I do need to take them though I will do my best not to stress out about it.

On a different note. Valentine’s Day is coming up and while I’m not exactly excited for the day itself, I am excited that I will be seeing my husband two days later :) This semester is flying by so quickly!

Have a great weekend!

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