Sometimes the weather around here can become pretty unpredictable. Some days I wake up with the mindset that its spring and the pools should all be open. Then the next day it’s freezing and I’m dreading the walk to classes from the bus.


My classes keep me busy and so do all my involvement in organizations. I’m finally going to be a big this year in my fraternity. I’ve also sent a ton of applications out since my last post. First, I applied to become a Peer Mentor with the College of Business for the fall 2012 semester. This position requires me to attend all the freshman events and guide them to the adjustments of college life.


I also just sent out a few applications for scholarships, which are a great way to minimize your college debt. I would advise anyone who needs financial help to apply for scholarships. There are so many different types of scholarships for all different talents and interests. Lastly, I have finally sent out applications for internships this summer. I have applied to a few places in Boston, DC, and North Carolina. I’m just as nervous to hear back as I was when I was applying for colleges a few years back, but I’m hoping for the best!

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