Hey Everybody!

Well, the semester is going fast and I hope everybody is doing great so far this year! There are so many exciting things happening this semester. So far I have not had any downtime, taking 6 classes definitely is taking it’s toll and being a senior, I just do not want to do any work anymore. I have been procrastinating a lot and just thinking about spring break, but I realize I need to get it together and since I don’t graduate until December.  I cannot afford to have SENIORITIS this bad! So no matter how I may feel, I am getting it together this week and will be spending everyday in the library and finishing the week out hard before spring break starts this weekend. I am so excited for a break though. I will have two weeks off of school, I am going on a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas for spring break and then the week after will be in Las Vegas for international hospitality week. This Vegas trip is a great opportunity for me to network and meet industry professionals from all over the world. So needless to say I am incredibly lucky to have this opportunity!

One thing that I am busy with this semester is that I am taking an independent study class and we are actually planning an event for the 25th anniversary of the Hospitality Management department. This class has been so fun because I actually get hands on experience with planning an event, but I did not realize how stressful and how much actually goes into planning. We had to find a venue for this event, come up with a theme and find and rent all of the decorations and supplies we will need. The Biltmore is catering the event and so they are paying for some things, which makes things a lot easier on us. I do think this event will be success. There is so much more that we are doing and I will have updates later on as the event get closer. But I will say that this class has confirmed that I picked the right major and even though it is stressful, I LOVE it! I can’t wait to graduate and start working as some kind of event planner. =)


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