Orientation in the Pirate Nation!

Dear Incoming Freshman,

I want to tell you that if you choose to attend ECU, you will have one of the greatest times in your life. But this greatness has a starting point…and that starting is the ECU Freshman Orientation. Freshman Orientation is a program that is designed to acclimate students to college life here at ECU and prepare you for what to expect during your first year of college and beyond.

Our orientation is a 2-day process. Students and parents arrive on the first day and they are led, by Orientation Assistants, through campus and to different sessions and activities. The day ends with food and fun activities going on until midnight, in Mendenhall Student Center. Students can choose whether or not they want to stay overnight in one of our residence halls. During the nighttime is when many students gather in the lobby, meet new friends and have fun. Day 2 is somewhat like day 1; still has information and different, fun activities to participate in. It ends around 5pm with a parent reception and students picking up their ECU 1 Card, which is your ECU ID card.

It is absolutely crucial to attend orientation because it helps students with the transition to college. College is an entirely new environment with a lot of differences from high school. Orientation allows you to learn more about ECU so that you will “hit the ground running” when you arrive in August. At orientation, you’ll have the opportunity to register for your classes, learn information about some of ECU’s student organizations (we have about 300), make long-lasting friends, meet other student leaders and campus staff, have fun and be entertained while still learning so much that will benefit you.

If you don’t know already, I am an ECU Orientation Assistant and we are responsible for making your experience at orientation worthwhile. In my opinion, the best part about orientation is the small group time. Each student at orientation will be in a group with other students and that group will be assigned to one of the orientation assistants. During this time, we go over the orientation schedule, play games and icebreakers, eat lunch together, meet new people, come up with chants and talk about college. The best part is that students get to ask the orientation assistant any question about college life, and we’ll answer honestly and tell about our experiences. A majority of students like this part the most because they get an honest, student perspective about everything that’s being asked and that is a huge benefit.

Like I said coming to Freshman Orientation is very important to all aspects of your college life. And if you don’t attend, you will definitely miss out on a great opportunity and an awesome time in your life. I will be working orientation this summer, so if you’re reading this and you’ll be coming to ECU, look for me and say hey!!!


King Louie

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