I’m looking at the calendar and I’m realizing that I have 11 days left of my internship. I started freaking out because that means that I’m almost done with this semester and I’m about to graduate from college. Seriously? It’s hard to think about the fact that I will be a college graduate in 39 days. I’ve been in school for 5 years now.

The time I’ve spent at this internship has certainly taught me a lot of good things. I really think that more degree programs should require a semester of internship. I will be sad to leave but this is another chapter of my life that I’ll be able to close and look back at often as I start my active duty military career.

I’m also really excited because being done with my internship also means that I’m close to seeing my husband. Being a college student and being married is strange to me. I never thought that I’d be graduating and commissioning as a Mrs. But I don’t have any complaints. I still enjoyed my years as a college student and met a lot of great friends. Yes I completely agree that college is the time to figure out who you are and what you want from life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be wild and crazy all the time, nor does it mean you won’t find people that mean the world to you. I found one of my bridesmaids sitting next to me in my neuropsychology course and some of my best friends in other classes. College was so far the best years of my life but I know better ones are to come. I’m looking forward to graduation!!!!

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