End of the Year

Hey everyone,

My apologies for taking such a long break from posting. I have been extremely busy this semester and am currently taking 18 credit hours. However, my hard work is about to pay off because I am hoping to make straight A’s this semester! Another piece of good news is that I recently received a scholarship worth $3,000 through the College of Business. It was a huge surprise because I have never received any sort of scholarship in the past. There will be an event held for all the winners next week where we will get to meet the benefactor who chose us for the scholarship. I am really looking forward to that.

I recently had my first meeting with the College of Business Peer Mentoring program that I was recently hired for, and got the chance to meet all of the past mentors, as well as the other recent hires that I will be working with in the fall. The program is really progressing, and next fall they will even have a designated dormitory for the incoming College of Business freshman. I will be working closely with all of the students in that dorm and helping them pick classes and give advice, kind of like an advisor. This is definitely going to be a great opportunity to meet other students and give them my insight, and I cannot wait to start in the fall!

This week is finals week so it’s time to crack down on the studying. I cannot believe my junior year of college is coming to an end, but this has by far been my favorite year so far!

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