Ahoy My Fellow Pirates!!!


First I want to say that I’m BEYOND excited to begin blogging for ECU! I’m a Junior and my major is Sociology with a Minor in Child Development and Family Relations. My future career goal is to become a Marriage and Family therapist and to eventually open my own clinic.  I chose to take the route of Sociology because it is simply the study of society and how individuals interact with one another. I believe it is essential to know how the world around you operates. If you are a freshmen or even someone who has an undecided major and hasn’t really found what you may be interested in, I highly recommend that you take a sociology class. One of my absolute favorite teachers in the sociology department is Dr. Knox. He is one of the most outgoing, open-minded, and candid teachers I know.

Other than being your fellow pirate I’m also a part of a few things on campus. I work in the Admissions Office as a Tour Guide, where I show future and perspective students the campus in hopes that they will chose to become a pirate! I also work at the Ledonia Wright Cultural Center as one of their student Office Assistants. If you are involved with any organizations, clubs or groups and you all have been looking for places to hold events Ledonia is the place for you! I’m also involved in a Christian organization entitled College Life and we meet every Tuesday night at 9pm in Mendenhall Student Center. If you don’t have anything to do come out and have some fun with us! Bring your friends, the people down the hall, even your RA! Trust me you will have a good laugh and tons of fun! If you have any questions about anything please feel free to email me at harperr10@students.ecu.edu, I would love to chat!

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