Hello Pirates!!!!!

601135_388532387869597_760870467_nHello eveyone, my name is Kayla Williams and I am a current junior here at ECU! I am from Beaufort, North Carolina.  My major is Piano Pedagogy.  With this degree I would like to teach piano and own my very own private piano studio. This is my very first time ever blogging and I am very excited about sharing with all of you the many perks about being a pirate here at ECU! I currently work in the office of admissions here at ECU and give tours to prospective students.  I also work as an orientation assistant during the summer and get to meet all the new pirates  and get them ready to come here in the fall.  I play on an all female intramural basketball team and I also play on the ECU club volleyball team.  Like I have already said, I am so excited about this wonderful experience and please feel free to email me anytime (williamskay10@students.ecu.edu) I will be happy to answere any questions! Have a good rest of the week!!

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