I Love Being A Pirate

J.Y. Joyner Library

Welcome to the personal memoir of Craig Barnes. My name is Craig Barnes and I am a senior Communication major at ECU with a minor in Sports Studies. I am planning to graduate in December 2014 because I am currently in the process of landing an internship with the New York Mets for the Fall 2013 semester. I began blogging for the Admission office this summer when the idea was presented to me doing an interview for my internship. I believe it is a great way to interact with prospective student and I wanted student to gain a first hand account of the GREATNESS OF BEING A PIRATE.

I have not came across many people who say that do not like ECU. I have, however, come across people who assumed we do nothing but party here but never did the words “I DO NOT LIKE EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY” come out there mouths.

 I believe that the college experience is about finding yourself and learning developing a support system that will keep you focused. Look at college as a big playground— it’s easy to get lost. These are the most important four years of your life and here at ECU, our administrative personnel, professors, faculty and staff do a GREAT job ensuring the success of each and every student.

East Carolina University is loved for many reasons by many people and one thing that I fell in love with is the school spirit. As a Pirate you automatically develop of sense of pride in wearing your purple and gold!!

During the school year this camaraderie is important and especially for freshman. The school spirit gives freshmen a sense of comfort. They are able to truly feel like they belong and are a part of the university. When you come for a tour of ECU, you will notice that majority of the students are sporting ECU paraphernalia. Especially at home sporting events were students usually all have on either purple or gold tee shirts.

ECU has something to offer to each and every student whether you enjoy walking the beautiful campus or the beautiful man made beach out at the North Recreational Complex, or maybe you enjoy going on nice dinner dates after a round or two of bowling. All of this is possible at ECU and with our own bowling alley and movie theater.  You rarely have to leave campus.

If you love the gym and want to get a workout— no problem.  ECU has one of the better student recreational centers in all of the state of North Carolina. With six basketball courts, an indoor and outdoor swimming facilities, complete workout area, wellness personnel, an adventure center and our own rock climbing wall, the recreational center is great place to go to enjoy a nice workout.

 The best thing about ECU is the campus organizations. With over 300 registered student organizations and over 60 self-identified international and ethnic groups, religious groups and Greek Life there is an organization for everyone and if you feel like you don’t fit in with these 300 organizations, don’t worry because creating an organization on campus is a piece of cake.

In my opinion there is no university better than EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY and I say this because ECU is rich in cultural diversity. ECU accept individuals from different towns and cities across the state, nation, and world. This allows for a great deal of social, cultural, and ethical diversity. Another great perk about ECU is the events they have to support the diversity of the student body. Events such as Diversity Week, Ledonia Wright Cultural Center Cookout and M.A.D.E. (Multicultural Appreciate Day Experience) for You, provide students with the opportunity to network with people from all different backgrounds.

If you have any questions or concerns please don hesitate to contact me at barnescr10@students.ecu.edu. I am more than willing to help you out any way I can and if I can’t help you I promise I will help you find someone who can.

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