A Pirate’s Summer Goals!


Hello Everyone!   Summer school is well underway.  This is the third summer that I am taking class here, at ECU.  Even though I would love to be spending immense amounts of time lying on a beach, I always feel good about getting ahead in school by taking a few classes during the summer!  I think summer is a great time to get ahead in the game and accomplish goals that I don’t necessarily have the time to focus on during the school year, with the busy work- load! My summer break was a short 5 days, but…class in the summer is not all bad.  Teachers are very understanding and work hard to engage students, the overall vibe around campus is more relaxed and time flies since courses are only 5 weeks!


As I said, I love to accomplish a few goals during the summer!  This summer my main goals besides doing a well in my summer courses include learning different areas of the communications world through my internship that I have not yet been exposed to.  I also have gotten the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for a website called, Stylitics and would like to put a lot of effort in to creating a great style outlet for students to use for reference.


I talked to a few other students who are here for the summer about their goals and they all seemed to be on the same page as me!



A senior and communications major, Jared Roach said, “I am working at the radio station as general manager and taking class this summer,” adding that his goals for the summer include making the radio station better.



A junior and business major, Rebecca Wilt said, “I am doing summer school and working this summer and hope to gain my old study habits back!” She also mentioned that being at ECU over the summer would benefit her because she would have the opportunity to make money and get ahead in school.


A junior and social work major, Sara Salim said, “I want to volunteer more, get in shape, and save money this summer.  I enjoy Greenville in the summer because everyone is more relaxed since the school year is over.”


A senior and psychology major, Liana McLemore said, “ I work through the autism society with an 8 year old boy so I would like to help him improve his communication and gain more experience working with autistic children so I can work with them in the future,” making good grades in all of her summer classes was another goal.


A 2013 graduate from the school of Allied Health, Mary Tronu said, “completing my internship is my main goal for the summer, but with that I want to take this experience of working with children with autism and learn and grow as a person and as a professional,” adding that she will know by the end of the summer if she will attend nursing school in the fall, but either way her internship will provide a strong background for her career.

That was just some insight of a few students who are on campus this summer.  I am excited to keep exploring what is going on around campus this summer and focus on accomplishing some of my goals!

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