Plentiful Opportunities for Pirates


Choosing East Carolina University provides you with an awesome opportunity to gain an invaluable wealth of knowledge and exposure to which ever field you choose to pursue. I entered ECU a business major with aspirations to be a sports agent. A first-generation college student, I had no prior knowledge of college life. I needed a place where I could develop and be able to flourish under great leadership. The professors and working body continue to provide great tutelage.

I didn’t know how to study, the Pirate Tutoring Center helped me. I wasn’t great at writing research papers, the Writing Center helped me. I didn’t know how to create a resume so appealing that organizations like the New York Mets would invite me to New York, the Career Center provided templates. I didn’t know how to bowl, ECU scheduling versatility and on-campus 8-lane alley provided me the opportunity to learn.

Three years later and now I am a senior majoring in Communication.  I can honestly say I have taken advantage of several opportunities and whether big or small, East Carolina University had them to offer. ECU was the support system I needed to achieve the goals I have set out for myself. College is about the opportunity to learn inside and outside classrooms. Greenville and ECU has such a great relationship; students are provided with plenty opportunities to find valuable experience to enhance your resume.

I began resume building the summer after my freshman year in college. I would secure my first official internship with Opportunities Industrialization Center, a nonprofit organization, in Wilson, NC. During this summer internship I learned the value of hard work and the importance of nonprofit organizations in the local communities and how they can have a positive impact on the youth.

During my second year I knew my passion was not in the business side of things but more so into the communication side. I wanted to switch my major to communication. I was afraid that if I switched over my major some of my classes would not be transferable to another program. I would eventually have to set an appointment with my advisor.

Meeting with my advisor brought me a sigh of relief. I was safe. Because of ECU’s general education component that consist of 42 hours known as Foundation Curriculum, I was able to switch over to the Communication program with no problem.

After taking COMM 1002 Media Writing, I knew that sports writing would be my next goal as I wanted to further my  networks in the sporting field. I began writing for The East Carolinian, as a sports writer. Working with the campus newspaper gave me the opportunity to learn what life would be like after graduation in the field of journalism.

I have also had several other opportunities through ECU that helped me tremendously. I interned with PURPLE! Magazine and ECU College of Human Ecology. Both of these internships provided me with great knowledge in two different areas of communication. During the internship with PURPLE! Magazine I had the opportunity to interview players and coaches from all ECU sports. This internship deepened my love for sports as well as my love for sports journalism. It gave me the opportunity to network with many people.

The internship with the College of Human Ecology was much different. This internship was based on Public Relations. With no prior experience in Public Relations it was a much more challenging experience for me. With the help of my supervisor, I experienced a great deal of growth and excelled in completing my objectives.

All of those experiences in one way or another has helped me reach the point I am at today. I am currently the Communication and Public Affairs Intern in the ECU Office of Undergraduate Admissions. While learning the intricacies of marketing in higher education I hope to use this knowledge for post-graduation job opportunities.


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