Summer flying by!


Hello Everyone!

In previous my previous post, I mentioned how I was taking summer classes, but I failed to mention how fast they go by!  For these five week courses, it is already considered mid-term time! I have always been a fan of summer school because I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere around campus and how quickly a class seems to get knocked out!   Even though the classes are the same amount of work as they would be during a regular semester, they truly fly by!  I am taking organizational communications right now and it’s a very interesting class about how to create successful organizations and what sort of communication helps them to function.

Besides the class I have, I have been working at my internship researching and doing all sorts of things to prepare for the upcoming freshman orientations!  Orientation is a great experience as a new student at ECU.  I remember being nervous, but I quickly realized that everyone was in my shoes and was able to loosen up and enjoy my first ECU days.  Orientation is a great way to learn the campus for the first time and become famaliar with faces you will see for the next four years.

As a senior, I can’t believe that it was almost four years ago I was first stepping on the ECU’s campus.  Since orientation I have been through so much and accomplished a lot of things.  From changing majors and minors to being involved in club sports and campus organizations I feel like I have finally found my nitch here at ECU as a communications and merchandising student.  I think the best part about college is discovering yourself and what you like.  There is room to try things out and realize it may not be for you.


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