Summer flying by!


Hello Everyone!

In previous my previous post, I mentioned how I was taking summer classes, but I failed to mention how fast they go by!  For these five week courses, it is already considered mid-term time! I have always been a fan of summer school because I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere around campus and how quickly a class seems to get knocked out!   Even though the classes are the same amount of work as they would be during a regular semester, they truly fly by!  I am taking organizational communications right now and it’s a very interesting class about how to create successful organizations and what sort of communication helps them to function.

Besides the class I have, I have been working at my internship researching and doing all sorts of things to prepare for the upcoming freshman orientations!  Orientation is a great experience as a new student at ECU.  I remember being nervous, but I quickly realized that everyone was in my shoes and was able to loosen up and enjoy my first ECU days.  Orientation is a great way to learn the campus for the first time and become famaliar with faces you will see for the next four years.

As a senior, I can’t believe that it was almost four years ago I was first stepping on the ECU’s campus.  Since orientation I have been through so much and accomplished a lot of things.  From changing majors and minors to being involved in club sports and campus organizations I feel like I have finally found my nitch here at ECU as a communications and merchandising student.  I think the best part about college is discovering yourself and what you like.  There is room to try things out and realize it may not be for you.


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About Samantha Bebeau

I am a senior studying Communications with a concentration in public relations and I am minoring in Merchandising. ECU has exposed me to so many opportunities, such as working at our Pirate radio station, WZMB 91.3. I have also been a part of a few student organizations, including Apparel and Interior Merchandising organization and the ECU Club Dance Team and am currently working with the communications team in the admissions office completing an internship. I also am a brand ambassador for the fashion website and represent them at ECU. Outside of school I love to read, write, find time to spend outside, and learn about fashion! I am excited to learn and share with current and incoming students what life is like at ECU and give insight to the depths of opportunities it holds for everyone! If you have any questions or comments please email me!

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