Argggh You Ready For Orientation?

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Orientation has started and I am beginning to reminisce about my orientation experience. I’m from the small town of Wilson, NC, which is only about 35 minutes away from ECU, so the travel was not bad at all. Receiving my acceptance packet was one of the most exciting moments ever and I can remember telling my father that I had to go to orientation early!

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Orientation is the first chance you get to experience what Pirate Nation is all about. During this two day get-away (how I looked at it), you are able to live in a dorm room, eat from the dining hall, enjoy the festivities that Mendenhall Student Center has to offer, as well as meet some of your future classmates. Each person’s orientation experience is different.


My favorite experience from orientation is the hypnotist. I can remember being apprehensive about going on stage at first, but some of the members from my orientation group pushed me to the front and I’m so glad they did. I did not believe that you could truly be hypnotized, but boy was I wrong.

Orientation is a great opportunity and I encourage you all to take time and soak up as much information as possible to get ready for August.

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