Summer Update and Student Profiles!




Hello Everyone!

I’ve had a nice long fourth of July break, but now it is time to get back to business this summer!  I wanted to tell everyone about what I have been doing here at the admissions office and how I think it is so important to search for an internship and gain work experience during college!

I have been working with the communications team in the ECU admissions office for about a month and a half now and I have been able to learn many things I did not know about before!   This opportunity has given me insight to how much work the admissions office does, the importance of deadlines, and also let me use my own creativity.

I think that finding different internships at ECU is not hard as long as you keep your eyes open and begin looking early, since there are so many places on and off campus that offer internships.  The main things I would keep in mind are deadlines of when documents are due and compiling all of the required pieces.  I also used the career center that’s located on Fifth Street a lot for help perfecting my resume.

The experience and insights I have gotten this summer from working at my internship are  things that I would not learn from a textbook or necessarily a professor.  The things I learned in the classroom have definitely prepared me to work, but I have been able to ask questions and learn things that are specific to this job.  I think an important thing to keep in mind when working any new job or internship is to be open-minded.  I always thought I knew what I wanted to do, but as I have gotten more opportunities I am learning there are so many areas I still have to learn and enjoy.

One of my main tasks, here at the admissions office is to update our student blog!  This is something I have been able to be creative with and below are a few students I got to speak with at orientation about their experiences.


Student Profiles: 



Orientation Leader’s name: Chris Battle

Year: Senior

Major: Rec. Therapy 

What do you remember about your freshman orientation?

I remember the amount of unlimited resources, such as Pirate Tutoring.  I was amazed at all ECU had to offer.

How have you changed since freshman year?

I have been more involved since freshman year.  I have learned how to work with different people and multi-task through different organization I have been involved with.  They have all helped me to grow into the person I want to become.

Why did you want to become an orientation assistant?

This is my first year as an orientation assistant.  When I first came to orientation my orientation assistant left a major impression on me and I wanted the opportunity to leave that on students and leave an impact of someones life.  I wanted to help students and lead them in the right direction as they begin college.


New Student’s name: India Warner

Year: Freshman

Major: Criminal Justice

What are you most excited about for your first year at ECU?

I am excited about being on my own!

What are you most nervous about?

Meeting new people!

Why did you choose to come to ECU?

They have a great criminal justice program and my aunt went here.  ECU made her very successful.




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