Move In Days and Living-Learning Communities!

The College of Business has a Living-Learning Community Dorm!

New Students and Families become acquainted with campus

Hello Everyone,

Summer is coming to and end and school starts next Tuesday! The summer has really flown by, but I am actually ready for school to start! I love having a scheduled day and keeping busy, especially since there is so much going on during the school year.

With school starting soon, that also means lots of new students and lots of moving! This week on campus, families and volunteers can be spotted moving boxes into dorms and some students are moving into their Living-Learning Community dorms.

ECU offers 11 Living Learning Programs, which are Jarvis Leadership, Wellness, Honors College LLC, Music, Nursing, Biology, Engineering, Business, Business sophomore,Chemistry & Physics, and Quest Transfer Students.

Each programis designed to where students not only are taking classes together, but also are living together.  The Living-Learning programs give students the opportunity to bond with other students who share the same goals.  The programs have been very successful and allow students to become better acquainted with the university. Students who have done the living-learning programs also tend to have high GPA’s.

As I walked through campus yesterday, I remembered the excitement of moving away from home for the first time.  All of the new students who were seen moving in, seemed to be beaming with an excitement that even makes a move in day fun.  I’m sure, it will be a great year for everyone!

Refreshments for the volunteers!

Move in day volunteers!

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