Nothing Tops A Pirate Football Day..

The Dance Team & Marching Band heads to the game!

The Dance Team & Marching Band heads to the game!


Hello fellow Pirates!

The new school year is officially underway!  I have finally been able to get settled in my classes and enjoy some time doing one of my favorite things….cheering on our athletic teams!

I think almost everyone at ECU can agree that, football season is one of the best times of the school year!  We have already played our first two games vs. ODU and Florida Atlantic and are off to a great football season start with two victories!

I have been able to attend other schools football games and ECU football games are like no other.  Since I was a freshman, I have attended every ECU home game.  Since Greenville is such a University focused city, there is already such a strong support system and sense of pride.  And on game days, this only expands!

I asked some of my peers to describe ECU game days in one word.  “Spirited, rare, and undaunted” were mentioned, but the word that stood out the most to me was “community”.

One student described game day as quite the opposite of what you would expect by saying, it’s almost “calming”.  It’s the fact that everyone comes together to support our football team, everyone knows it is going to be a great day win or lose!

One of the things that attract the most students to ECU is the campus and opportunities to build a new family while in college. Throughout the week, I constantly see organizations promoting, helping other organizations, and always a great number of purple and gold attire.

On game days at ECU, this welcoming feeling does not go unnoticed by anyone.  Families join students, food is everywhere, and the band can be heard all over campus.

The stadium is a sea of purple and gold and there is no other feeling of excitement that tops when our team comes running through the field, to the sound of the marching band through a cloud of smoke

ECU is a community in itself, but it’s the fact that everyone comes together on game days to express this that is something to experience.  I guarantee, if you’re out in Greenville on a game day you are wearing purple and gold!

ECU Marching Band Clip!


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