My Experience Working at WZMB 91.3!

Student Media Banquet 2013

Student Media Banquet 2013

Hey everyone!

One thing that I think is great about ECU is that there are so many opportunities for students to work on campus.  Not only are the jobs on campus flexible to student schedules but also there are many jobs that pertain to individual majors!

Since I am a communications major I wanted to find a job or internship that would help build my resume and give me work experience in the communications field.  Last summer, I saw that WZMB 91.3, the radio station on campus was hiring.  I applied and have been working there ever since!

Working at the radio station has been a great experience for me.  My duties consist of coming up with topics to talk about on my show Z!News, attending community events, and of course playing music!  I have gotten to interview different students, doctors, and authors for my show.

Some other things we have done as a group are hosted the Polar Bear Plunge where we announced for other people performing there.  We had our own booth at last years Piratefest where we provided music and were able to interact with the community.  Other things we have done include, rap battles, fundraising events and fashion shows!

WZMB is 1 of 5 different mediums on campus.  This past year, WZMB was awarded the student media outlet of the year award! Working at the radio station has taught me a lot about time management, preparation, and even being pushed out of my comfort zone!

I owe a lot of the skills I have now to what I have learned from working at the radio station.  Working has been a different learning experience for me and I have learned things I would never learn in the classroom.  My confidence speaking extemporaneously has improved and I also am more comfortable with contributing ideas in groups.

Piratefest 2013

Piratefest 2013

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