Welcome to ECU!


My name is Jocelyn and I am a senior at East Carolina University. It is hard for me to think of how much time has passed since I first came to school as a freshman; of the memories, I can only think of ones that make me smile like a kid in a candy shop. I know choosing a place to go to school is hard, but always remember to choose the university that feels best to you. For me, ECU was my first and only choice. I knew as soon as I stepped on the campus my senior year of high school that I no longer had to research other universities. I originally came for the nursing program, but as I continued down my path to being a Pirate, I fell in love with everything else. East Carolina University was my choice because it was the closest I came to having a second home and family. I have never been to a school where there is so much pride and support from the student body. Pirate nation is my home now and I hope that you consider it as yours!

Have a wonderful week!



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