How to Handle Distractions

So in today’s blog I want to talk about something so fearsome and horrifying yet soothing that no matter how strong you are, it cannot be avoided. That’s right, I’m talking about distractions! We all suffer from the “homework-itis” or for many, the long lasting addiction to Netflix, and who could possibly stay away from Pinterest for more than a day? I know I’ve succumbed to the wonders of all of the mentioned distractions but trust me there are ways around being overwhelmed by all of the offerings!

Now although what advice I’m about to give works for me, feel free to try anything you feel is best for you! So to begin, write down all of the work that you were assigned for the next couple of days, whether it be studying or writing a rough draft of an essay. Now that you can visually see all of the work you have try to break it up into realistic goals so you accomplish a little bit of it every day. By the time your assignments are due or your test day has arrived you’ll feel more than prepared and I’m sure a tad relieved since you didn’t have to tackle a giant workload all in one night.

But the best part is once you finish your smaller goals for the night feel free to relax and do what you enjoy! Your distractions are often what you enjoy the most so go and read that book you’ve heard everyone talking about or go watch an episode or two on Netflix. You’ll be able to properly enjoy the marvels that are distractions because you have managed your time well! Just remember, try to indulge in moderation!

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