A Personal Story of an ECU student



Hi! My name is Caitlin Coats and I am a sophomore here at East Carolina. As a third generation Pirate, I am so proud of those who came before me, and would like to share a personal story! In the very left of the picture is our school’s cupola. The myth that goes along with it is that if you walk underneath it, you will not graduate on time. As a child, my parents and grandparents brought me to ECU but were unaware of the myth because the cupola was built in 1996, years after they had all graduated. Unknowing of the consequences I would run and play underneath the cupola and I am now a semester behind in my schooling!

The pictures on the right side are bricks that lay beneath and around the cupola. Some of them have alums’ names on them, and my parents were fortunate enough to get both of their names on these bricks! The one at the top is my father’s and it reads: Andrew S Coats, Accounting, Class of 1988. The one beneath it is my mother’s and it reads: Lisa A Coats, Psychology, Class of 1987.

Having the cupola and the bricks on campus is heartwarming to me because it reminds me that I’m following in my parents and my grandparents footsteps. Not only am I the third generation of my immediate family to come here, by I have 7 total family members who came here before me. ECU is such a wonderful school and I’m so glad to be a pirate!

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