Fall Open House Q and A with event coordinator, Lauren Byers!

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Hello everyone,

Fall Open House is this Saturday, November 2, including events for prospective, transfer, adult students and their families, from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Open House is a great opportunity for prospective students and families to get a deeper look into what life at the University is like.

Please come for this year’s Fall Open House!

I was able to speak with Lauren Byers, Assistant Director for the undergraduate admissions office and event coordinator for Fall Open House, about what the event can offer specific individuals!  Below are some questions and answers along with a link’s to help you plan your open house experience.

Bebeau:  How do prospective students and their families benefit by attending this year’s Fall Open House?

Byers:  There are lots of different opportunities at Fall Open House that they may not see on a regular campus tour.  They can take walking and bus tours of campus. There are opportunities to speak with professors and students of different departments and we also have representatives from student affairs available.  It’s a comprehensive day for them to see everything ECU has to offer and see what life at ECU is really like.

Bebeau: What do prospective students and families learn from open house that they would not necessarily learn from a campus tour?

Byers: We share a lot of the same information during weekday tours, but they can get deeper information about campus living, dining, and applying to ECU.  The major advantage to attending open house is they can talk to representatives from specific departments for any undergraduate or graduate programs.

Bebeau: How would you say these open house events have been successful in the past?

Byers: It’s been a great opportunity to offer a large group of prospective students and their families to learn about different things that pertain specifically to them at one event since there are so many things made available to them.  I think we do a great job of providing a lot of options and multiple people to answer questions for them specifically, event though it may be different for every student.

Bebeau: What are some of the events that will be held at the open house that pertain to prospective freshman?

Byers: We have bus and walking tours of campus.  Students will have the opportunity to attend sessions about applying, different majors, financial aid, view residence halls, and campus dining and living.  There will be a panel session for parents to ask current students questions and there will be a new session for admitted students to ask questions.  There will an academic and student affairs fair, the opportunity to eat in the dining hall and tour individual facilities.

Bebeau: What advice would you give prospective students and families about which events they should attend or things to look out for during the open house?

Byers: Since there is a wide variety of events available, I would encourage them to check the planning guide from the website ahead of time. For high school students I would suggest going on the campus tours and attending the applying to ECU session.  For seniors, checking out residence halls and speaking with different major departments.  We also have a special session in the afternoon for transfer students about the transfer application and admission process.

Saturday is right around the corner so be sure to make your final plans for attending open house!  Keep in mind arriving early to be sure you find a good parking space in the Gold Parking Lot, located next to Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium (Ficklen Drive & West Berkley Road).

ECU Transit will also be providing shuttle transportation from the Gold Parking Lot to Joyner Library! We would also like to remind all to check the weather even though all events are inside!

We hope everyone can join us for Fall Open House this year!


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