Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone!

Happy Halloween! This is one of my favorite days of the year! Whether you decide to go out on Halloween or stay in watching scary movies tonight is your decision, but always be sure that you are staying safe. Every year, Greenville, North Carolina welcomes NC ALE to the city. For those of you who are out-of-staters, ALE stands for Alcohol Law Enforcement. The officers are specifically designated to dealing with alcohol. They can be at bars or parties, dressed in everyday clothing and give violators an underage drinking ticket. On top of all the ALE officers that are in town to make sure people are staying safe, Greenville and ECU police surround downtown and check to make sure no one has fake or real weapons with them or is wearing a mask.

On ECU’s campus, we have a blue light system. There are blue light posts every 300 feet around campus. These lights have a button and speaker that, when pressed, connect to the ECU Police Department. They are to be used when someone feels unsafe, is being attacked, or an emergency situation occurred. For others who still might not feel safe, ECU has Safe Ride and Safety Escort. Safe Ride is a program set up through ECU Transit. Any ECU student may call this service and will be picked up and taken anywhere they want to, as long as you are on campus. Safety Escort is the same situation except Student Patrol Officers will escort you to wherever you need to go on campus.

Anything you choose though, be sure that you are always staying safe! Have a happy Halloween!


P.S. Grandma approves this message to have a safe Halloween!

My Halloween Costume

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