Study Tips

Throughout high school I breezed through classes, never taking more than one or two days to study for a test. After my first semester of college passed, I realized that was NOT going to fly. College classes are a lot different than high school classes, mainly because they expect you to take the initiative and teach yourself a lot of the material; nothing is spoon fed to you anymore. So, I have searched the internet high-and-low and have found some great study tips!


  • Hide your phone somewhere and turn it on silent! No distractions.
  • Try to get away from the internet if possible. It’s somehow incredibly easy to end up on Facebook.
  • The library is an amazing place to focus.
  • Most people are more productive in the morning and early afternoons, so go ahead and do your work then!
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee.
  • Always pack snacks for classes or study groups! It’s hard to think about school on an empty stomach and you need to keep your blood sugar levels up so you can stay alert and energized!
  • Make your notes colorful and interesting. Use highlighters, colored pencils, or even draw out a diagram of what you’re learning about.
  • Never study in bed. Psychologists say that because of the association with bed and sleep you need somewhere to study that will keep you awake!
  • Study with people! But don’t make that your only study time. Study BEFORE you go to group study. That way you’ll review the material more than just once and if you’re study group turns into a social meeting then you will still be prepared!



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