Fall Semester Is Wrapping Up!

My friend Kayla and I supporting the Pirate's on game day!

My friend Kayla and I supporting the Pirate’s on game day!

Fall semester is wrapping up…

Hello everyone!

Fall semester is coming to an end soon.  This past weekend was the last ECU home football game.  The Pirates were able to snag a victory against Marshall, which made for a lot of happy fans especially for the last home game of the season.  I was able to make it to the game, which was exciting for me because I haven’t made it, too many this seasons!  I will definitely miss the ECU spirit that football season holds, but I am ready for the breaks from school that come along after this semester!

Coming up right around the corner is Thanksgiving break, which is awesome because it gives everyone a time to breath right before exams.  Shortly after we get back from Thanksgiving break will be exams and then Christmas break! I am lucky that my school load has slowed down in the past few weeks, but I will be ready for a nice long break and starting fresh with a new semester when I get back!

I hope everyone else is having a good end to the semester, for any more on the last home game or upcoming Pirate football check out the Athletics’ homepage!

Lindsey & Mary before the last Pirate home game!

Lindsey & Mary before the last Pirate home game!

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