End of Semester-itis

Hey everyone,

You know that feeling you get towards the end of the semester where you just feel lethargic (SAT word!)? That is about how I feel right now. All I can see in my mind is my big TV at home, the couch that I permanently imprinted my butt on, and comfy sweats. Not to mention, a lot of really, really good food! How could I possibly think about research papers, classwork, or tests when all of that is on my mind?

This is not the way to end your semester though. I know how hard it may seem to continue to try and do schoolwork, but you have to! You started your semester off strong, now you have to finish strong. As a student, if you choose to slack off now, you might screw up your grades that you worked so hard to keep this semester.

So, find that study room, drink that coffee, and get to work!

Good luck!


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