Snow Delay!

Campus Christian Fellowship

All of us at East Carolina received a very exciting surprise this morning. Last night, about an inch or two of snow fell, dusting the beautiful campus. Although snow is surprising on ECU’s campus, the real surprise arrived in our student inboxes at about 6:20 a.m. when we were notified that campus would begin classes at 10 a.m. Believe me, having an extra hour or two to sleep in on a Wednesday morning is the best surprise. (Who doesn’t love a snow delay?)

I personally do not like the snow, which is why I am thankful snow accumulation is rare in Eastern North Carolina. The weather during all seasons in Eastern North Carolina is fairly unpredictable. When you come to college you will want to bring a jacket, an umbrella, and sunglasses everywhere you go. You never know when you will need them. You can walk into class with the sun shining, and walk out in a monsoon.

The weather this morning was sunny, but unbearably cold. I was battling the frigid temperatures on my way to class when I was greeted by friendly faces from the Campus Christian Fellowship, who were handing out free hot chocolate to students.  The Campus Christian Fellowship is an on-campus organization for christian students. The organization is one of  over 300 campus organizations active on campus and one of more than 60 self-identified international, ethnic, and religious groups on campus.

On a day like today, hot chocolate does wonders warming you up against the chilly wind. I am currently writing this blog well rested, sipping on my hot chocolate, and dreaming of spring.

I hope you all are enjoying your snowy day 🙂


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