Christmas break was great and it was so nice to see my family and friends again, although by the end of break I couldn’t wait to come back to Greenville.  Getting adjusted to college life again was much easier this time than it was in August because I now have a solid group of friends which really helped a lot.  This semester my schedule is harder than last semester and I am determined to finish my freshman year with good grades so it will require more concentration and studying than last semester.  This is my first semester having math in college which made me nervous at first but visiting the “math cave” has been very helpful.  The “math cave” is a room in the bottom floor of the library where students in certain math classes are required to attend 3 hours a week.  The cave is a quiet place to get your homework done and there are always professors ready to help and answer questions.  Last night it snowed for the first time all year and despite the freezing walk to the dining hall, I really enjoyed it! Everyone was outside taking pictures and a lot of people went sledding down the hill next to Sup Dogs.  Campus today looked so pretty covered in snow!  Even though I miss my family and friends from home I am so happy to be back at ECU and can’t wait to see what this semester has in store for me.


Campus on my first day back!


My sorority house in the snow 🙂

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