Tips on Being Successful Your Freshman Year

Moving away from home and going to college is a big step in life, and can sometimes be hard to adjust to at first.  Here are some tips on being successful in class and staying organized your first year of college!

#1. Buy a planner.  More specifically, purchase the ECU planner that is found at Dowdy Student Stores.  It has all of the university’s important dates regarding registration, holidays, and exams.  Having a planner will keep you aware of when projects and assignments are due, and will have all your important dates in one place.

#2.  Organize your folders.  Whether you like to write out your notes on paper, or type them on your laptop, organizing your binders and folders is essential to being successful in the classroom.  On my laptop I make a folder for each one of my courses so I know exactly where my notes, study guides, and assignments are. Having your notes online also makes completing study guides easier because you can search for key words and save time searching through your notes.

#3. Find a place to study.  My freshman year I would attempt to study in my dorm room but I would always get easily distracted.  I found I was most successful studying and completing homework assignments when I went to Joyner Library.  The library has private cubicles, study rooms, and tables available, so you can choose whichever environment is best for you!

#4. Prioritize and get involved.  Right when you get out of class it will be tempting to set aside studying and homework for later.  I found it very helpful to go straight to the library after class and complete all my homework and studying.  This will give you time later in the day for socializing and getting involved on campus.  For me personally the more involved and busy I am the better I do in school.  If you have organization meetings and activities at certain times of the day you have to prioritize when to get your schoolwork done, which will prevent you from procrastinating.

#5. Seek help.  If you find that you are struggling and getting behind in your classes, ask for help!  ECU has many opportunities for students to seek help.  At Joyner Library every night you can attend Pirate Tutoring for your specific classes you need help in.  You can also get help writing papers at the writing center in Bate.

I hope my advice helps you adjust to the college life.  These tips will help make your first year of college stress free!

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