Student Profile: Jessie Tucci-Herron

The student blog is now featuring profiles of outstanding students we, at the admissions office, think exemplify what it is to be a Pirate. These students come from different backgrounds, are pursuing different majors, and are involved in different student organizations, but they all have one thing in common, their love for Purple and Gold!

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Our first student profile is Jessie Tucci-Heron. Jessie is a freshman here at East Carolina! She is originally from Greenville, NC, but that has not changed her love for the University. Jessie is a Psychology major and a part of the Honors College. She is also a distinguished EC Scholar, which is quite an accomplishment.

Jessie’s reason for attending ECU was not her familiarity with the University. When I asked Jessie why she attended ECU, even though she had been around it her whole life she responded, “I love the sense of community that ECU has to offer. When I visited for the first time, I fell in love with the community of students, faculty, and alumni. I also think the campus is beautiful. After my first campus tour I knew I belonged at East Carolina.” Jessie is extremely active on East Carolina’s campus as a second-semester freshman. “I have joined Gamma Sigma Sigma national service sorority and I am also am Ambassador for the Honors College,” Jessie told me, “Joining clubs and organizations has been a highlight of my freshman year.  These opportunities have provided me with numerous new experiences and introduced me to so many new people I would not have met otherwise! I am excited to get involved in more clubs during my next 3 years here.”

Jessie also expressed to me how important her education is to her. “A part of ECU I love that often gets overlooked is that I feel like the faculty and staff at East Carolina care about my education as much as I do. I do not feel overlooked as just another student. I love feeling like they care about my success.” Continuing on at East Carolina, Jessie is excited to get involved in more activities and of course to graduate! She hopes to continue on after graduation to East Carolina University’s Brody School of Medicine. In our interview, her excitement for her education at East Carolina was contagious, “I do not know what kind of doctor I want to be yet, I just know that I want to attend Brody and complete my doctorate degree at East Carolina. I am thinking of becoming a doctor in the field if pediatrics.”

Jessie has a small piece of advice to offer new incoming Pirates, “Campus visits and university tours are important in your journey to attend ECU! Take every chance you can to talk to students and alumni from the University. You wont regret it!”

Jessie’s interview reminded me why I chose to attend ECU and also inspired me to go out and meet more students at East Carolina to find out why they love their school. I look forward to interviewing more students about their experiences and sharing them with you! Stay tuned for more student profiles.

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