Arrrgh ye maties!

My roommate Kaili and I. (I'm the brunette)

My roommate Kaili and I. (I’m the brunette)

There’s a new student blogger in town and I go by the name of Charli McKee.

Hey guys :]

It’s a pleasure to be on board.

Allow me to introduce myself: I am currently a senior here at ECU, finishing up a degree in English with a minor in Film Studies. I plan to take my glorious walk under the cupola this December (yay!) and then, soon after, pursue a career in Creative Writing. As my time winds down, I find that I am ever grateful for the diverse opportunities ECU has offered me, like my current job as Assistant Editor for Tar River Poetry or my new found love of running thanks to the expansive campus and beautiful new sports facilities. And I look forward to being able to contribute my ECU expertise with any prospective students that may be interested in taking the purple and gold plunge, for it seems like not too long ago that I, myself, was packing up the mother ship in Virginia and heading south for what would become the best four years of my life. Since arriving in 2010, I have made some of the greatest friendships any pirate could ever ask for, experienced one of best sporting atmospheres in the ENTIRE STATE (trust me on this, we’re Maniacs), learned some of the most interesting things from professors and students alike, and–of course–accumulated a variety of awesome memories and stories about life here at ECU (day and night 😉 ) which I cannot wait to share!

Stay tuned for so much more and feel free to email me if you have any questions:




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