What’s Blooming

photo (1)Well, would you look at that–it’s finally spring time in Pirate Nation!

All over campus construction is clearing up, temperatures are becoming bearable, trees are blossoming, people are sneezing, and new student tours are beginning to congest visitor parking lots and give lunch-goers something interesting to stare at. But apart from all of the obvious, what else does the welcoming of spring mean for ECU students? Well, plenty of things!

For starters, the Adventure Program is shaking the dust off their kayaks and gearing up to go out on some whitewater rafting events. There are still some spots available if sporting a life-preserver and sunscreen are your kind of thing! Oh, and there are also some upcoming rock-climbing events too, if playing Spiderman is a hobby of yours.

Then, of course, Spring Open House is about to take over campus on April 5th. All admitted freshman and transfer students are encouraged to attend for it will give you a great introduction to many of the different aspects to campus life, including transportation, dorm-living, and other activities that one may find themselves divulging in around campus.

And if spectating sports might be something that peaks your interest, be sure to grab a friend and some seats in the stands to cheer on one of our many Pirate sports teams–like baseball, tennis, softball, and more! All calender events for home games can be found right here 🙂

So, Pirates, whether you are setting yourself up for graduation and life after ECU or just a newbie looking to explore all the activities that will soon be available to you, be sure to mark up your calendar with some of ECU’s many great Spring events. After all, graduates: you’re going to miss this place and you know it! And incoming students: you really just don’t even know how much you’re going to fall in love with this budding campus.


Until next week ladies and gents,

Charli 🙂

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