The Beginning of my ECU Blogging!

Hey, future and current Pirates! My name is Erika Dietrick, and I’m a new student blogger for ECU.

I grew up in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, but I moved to North Carolina during my junior year of high school.  Being new to the state, I was completely unsure of where I should apply to college, so I toured and researched a lot of different schools.  When it came time to make a decision, though, I couldn’t see myself  being anything other than a Pirate!

One of my favorite things about ECU is that such a large university has allowed me explore my wide range of diverse interests.  I’m a sophomore biology major with a Hispanic studies minor, and as an Honors College student, I have the luxury of pursing a plethora of leadership and service opportunities.  I’m very involved on campus in ways that allow me to pursue my writing passion (like submitting to Rebel magazine) and helping others (as a mentor in the Pirate-to-Pirate Mentoring Program and a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity).

I’m very open-minded, and I love trying new things, so I’ve been and done just about everything on campus.  (You can read more about me and my involvement on campus in my biographical sketch below.) I look forward to sharing bits of my college life with you guys!!


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