Weekend in Georgia: Presenting at My First Conference

This weekend, I had the privilege of going on an all-expenses paid trip to Savannah, Georgia for the Southern Regional Honors Council’s Annual Conference.  With the financial and moral support of the Honors College, two of my coworkers (Shayna and Lea) and I were given the chance to give a presentation on our Honors Ambassadors!  This was a huge deal for me for three reasons: a) I have never attended–let alone presented at–an academic conference; b) I got to talk about an organization I love and about how my committee, Marketing Committee, is creating awesome videos and blog entries for our Honors College; and c) Who doesn’t enjoy a weekend getaway?!


Lea, Shayna, and I at SRHC

I met other honors students from all across the Southeastern region of the U.S., and I attended sessions related to my Honors College marketing job (such as Is Facebook Past Its Prime? and Social Media and the News) as well a few sessions on other topics I found interesting (such as Printing My Organs: Science Fiction or the Future?).

I also enjoyed delicious local food, exploring the city markets, and looking out at a gorgeous riverfront view from the eighth story of our hotel.

The amazing shrimp scampi I had for dinner on our first day at SRHC

The amazing shrimp scampi I had for dinner on our first day.

I was definitely anxious before it was time for us to give our presentation.  It’s always intimidating to get up and speak in front of a crowd of people…let alone a crowd of outstanding honors students and faculty.  However, when I walked into the room we would be presenting in, I talked to the other presenters who would be talking before and after us, and they were equally anxious but very friendly!  The down-to-earth presenters, Shayna, and Lea were all able to keep me calm so that I could present confidently and with a cool head.  Overall, we really rocked our presentation–it was such a positive social and professional experience.   I hope I get the chance to attend another honors conference while at ECU (NCHC is held in Colorado this year!), and I’m proud of myself and my co-workers for rising to the challenge of speaking publicly!


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