April Brings Busy Bees

The last few weeks before finals are crunch time: the homestretch of the track race.  Just as the sun begins to shine and the air around you begins to warm up, you’re left with several major projects and exams to tend to.  April is a busy time of year.

Summer is calling my name, and it would be really easy to just let the rest of the semester “happen” to me.  However, there are plenty of reasons why I’m staying positive and still finding time for fun during one of the most academically-hectic times of year:

1. Even though I had the early shift at work this morning, I enjoyed this picturesque view of campus as I strolled to the Mamie Jenkins building.


2. I’ve accomplished a lot this year to be proud of! One of the exciting things I was able to partake in this year was volunteer at the East Carolina Heart Institute’s Robotics Surgery Center for Research and Training…how cool is it to work with a robot that is used to operate on people?!


3. My Pirate friends are always here to support me and make me laugh.


4. Did I mention my crazy and supportive family makes me laugh, too??

My little brother, Jason!

My little brother, Jason!

5. Barefoot on the Mall is coming up on April 10th! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Barefoot, it’s a really popular annual event at ECU where everyone comes “barefoot” to the mall (a.k.a. the giant grassy space in the middle of campus) to listen to live music, get free stuff, and hang out with friends! Past performers have included Jason Derulo and Lauren Alaina.


6. When I just want a few hours to chill out with friends, but I don’t want to spend any money, I’ll go to a free movie at ECU’s Hendrix Theatre. (I’m completely okay with watching Catching Fire a second time for free!)


7. It will only be a few short weeks before I will be reunited with my long-distance boyfriend, who is excited to be joining the Pirate Nation this upcoming year as a graduate student in history!

My boyfriend, Seth, is already bleeding purple and gold!

My boyfriend, Seth, is already bleeding purple and gold!


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