Gym Time

Now that spring is approaching, many Pirates are feeling the need to hit the gym.  The ECU Rec Center is one of my favorite spots on campus, and it had a large influence on my decision to come here. When coming in as college freshmen, most kids don’t anticipate the amount of free time they will have. Luckily, the gym is the perfect place to go when there is nothing going on! Between the machines, the weights, the basketball courts, and even the rock-climbing wall, it offers a workout for everyone! My personal favorite thing to do at the gym is to take one of the Group Fitness classes.  Group Fitness offers all types of classes from Body Pump to Combat! The instructors are so energized and motivating that you don’t even notice the work.  My friends and I love to go together because it makes it all the more fun.  The classes are also extremely accessible because they range in time every day from 4-7. I encourage everyone who visits the school to stop by and check it out!

Here is a picture of the fabulous instructors!

group fit


Click here to learn more about the ECU Rec Center!

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