Poetry Slam about Rollercoasters on Earth Day

Okay, so the poetry slam I went to wasn’t actually about rollercoasters, and it didn’t happen on Earth Day; but it was the only way I could fit all of the crazy happenings of this week into one title!

Last weekend (April 5-6), I went on a free overnight trip to Richmond, Virginia with the ECU Honors College.  We spent the day Friday exploring Monticello

Acting like superstars in front of Monticello.

and stopped to visit the University of Virginia’s campus during a lunch break.  (Did you know that Thomas Jefferson founded it?)

Honors photoshoot fun on UVA’s campus

Afterward, generous donors of the College paid for over 70 of us honors students to fine dine!

My friend Erin and I!

Saturday was a carefree, beautiful day at Kings Dominion! …No lines!!

Ivy and I ready to conquer the big coasters

The rest of the week turned out to be really eventful as well.  I’m currently doing research with Dr. Jolls on an endangered plant species called Cooley’s meadowrue, and on Tuesday, I got to talk about Cooley’s meadowrue and our work on plants in general during Earth Day!  It was definitely chaotic at times with hoards of children coming into our lab at a time, but it was so refreshing to teach kids about what we do.  I would’ve loved for someone to take me around their research labs to see spiders, plants, and reptiles when I was a kid…to show me how big and great the world is and all that I could do in it once I grew up.

Waiting for kids to play Match the Seed to the Tree

On Thursday, my friend Ajay and I went to a Poetry Slam and Open Mic Night at the Jenkins Art Building.  Both of us enjoy poetry and had written a poem, but neither of us had performed spoken word before.  I was insanely nervous to present–I’ve never been on stage or done any kind of performance before.  I was sure I would mess up, but once I got on stage, I somehow focused inwardly and got the job done.  It was so empowering to perform on stage. 🙂

Moral of this week? In between the classes and studying and homework, college is about having fun, trying new things, making memories, and challenging your fears.

I’ll happily count this week as a success.





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