Five things you need to know!

As graduation quickly approaches, I started thinking about my past four years at East Carolina  University and how glad I am that I chose to attend ECU. I know when I was your age I wish I had someone to give me hints on which college would be perfect for me. So I have complied a list of 5 things that, looking back, I think should have influenced my college decision.

1. Pick a college with school colors that will look good on you- I know this one sounds funny but one of the things that has made my experience at East Carolina so positive is my love for my university. I am proud to wear purple every day.

2. Find a college with a lot of options- You may know what you want to do, or you may not. Either way find a college with a lot of programs that interest you so you are guaranteed the perfect fit.

3. Pick a location that you find intriguing- When you commit to a school you are not just committing to the university, you are committing to the local community. Find one that fits your personality.

4. Pick a university that strives for excellence- You want to chose a university that is always improving because you want your degree to have prestige when you graduate.

5. Explore the diversity of the university and find somewhere you fit in- Finding a university that has people and organizations you identify with is the key to your happiness as a student.


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