Making your Way through the Orientation Tables

The day we got to travel to each table in the Student Rec Center had to be my favorite day at ECU Orientation. So many free hand outs, brochures and sign up sheets are going to be pushed your way and you’ll want to sign up for them right away.

Take my warning: You may be so excited you’ll sign up for everything. It wasn’t until I sat down later that night that I realized I had a Newspaper Staff try-out the same week as Club Swim practices, as well as a Scuba Club interest meeting. It’s overwhelming, but it’s fun.

My suggestion is grab as much as you can, and then go and look through the brochures on your own time. The lines at the activities tables are going to be so busy you won’t have time to stand there and weigh your options (not to mention make a bad impression on your new fellow classmates.) This will also eliminate your chances of signing up for the wrong thing.

My last tip is to not overcommit. It’s easy to get caught up in involvement; but remember that you’ll always have homework with your classes, and that can take up a majority of your time. Organizations at ECU are awesome about understanding about schoolwork.


Have fun at Orientation summer ’14!

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