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Wheel Deal

Coming to ECU is an exciting new journey in every students life. It’s, for most, the first time living away from home and with all of the amazing changes that are about to happen the last thing you want to worry about is parking and transportation. Luckily, ECU offers a plethora of different options for students for their cars and […]

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Bedding made easy!

So I’m sure during orientation you learned that each dorm room has twin extra long beds, well some times this size can be difficult to find linens for so ECU Residence Hall Association has made it easy! There is a website that has all of your dorm room needs available for purchase on it. Not just bedding either! They have […]

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Top Job Fields 2014

Are you undecided on what major you want to declare? Or have you decided but you aren’t sure if you will be able to find a job post graduation? If so take a look at these majors below.  According to NACE, The National Association of Colleges and Employers., as of 2014 these are the top hiring job fields.   Business- […]

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The Benefits of Minoring

Everyone is required to graduate with a major, but not a minor. By taking on a minor, you are showing future employers that you are willing to go above and beyond what is asked of you. Adding a minor will make your resume stand out to future employers. It could be the deciding factor between you and someone without a […]

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Up, Up and Away

One of the greatest things about college is the chance to experience a multitude of different things. College is more than just an education or social event, its an experience. What better way to experience college than in another country? Here at ECU we offer tons of different opportunities to experience college in a whole new way, including traveling abroad. […]

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Will I Like My Random Roommate?

This time two years ago, I remember nervously reading the e-mail with my random roommate assignment.  I had heard horror stories galore of the terrible tenants my relatives, recent graduates, and cousins of cousins had to endure.  The advice I received regarding roommates basically went like this: don’t room with your best friend, but don’t room with somebody random either.  Well, I wasn’t from […]

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