Ahoy future pirates! You have less than two months before you get to experience pirate nation and from my observations you guys seem excited to meet new friends and be on your own! And from the picture below, some of your parents seem equally as excited!


Incoming freshmen, Kalisa Struder, explained that her favorite part of orientation was getting to meet new people because now since she knows a few people she feels more comfortable coming here. She also explained that she thought exploring the campus and the buildings that most of her classes would be in was great because now she won’t get lost on the first day. Orientation is a perfect opportunity to get to know new people and get familiar with the campus before actually getting to ECU.

But orientation isn’t all lectures and tours, there’s plenty of opportunity for fun! Hypnotist Micheal C Anthony puts on a great show in Hendrix theater for the first night of orientation. I won’t spoil it for the students who have not gone yet but it’s something you won’t want to miss! Here’s a sneak peak of a student dancing with a broom! And afterwards there is karaoke and free pizza!

broom 2

You also have the opportunity to learn more about your desired major and even the football chants!


Can’t wait to see all of the new pirates in the fall!

Here a few links that may be helpful to you!

Admissions Instagram- Follow @ecuadmissions


Office of the registrar- http://www.ecu.edu/registrar/

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