Staying in Greenville for the Summer?

One thing that you may hear once summer rolls around is how empty Greenville is. Everyone goes home, or on vacation, and you feel like you are living in a ghost town. Do not worry! There is so much around town that you can do and you will be surprised at how many people are still here.

Every Wednesday during the summer you can support local farmers, artists, and other vendors at the Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market! It is really neat to see the different types of talents and interests people have. One lady was handing out samples of different flavored almonds. She had maple syrup, spicy siracha, coconut, and many more. On the other side of her table she was selling mint lemonade, and let me tell you, it was delicious!

As for me, I love candles and soaps. Yesterday, I purchased a Red Clay soap and I used it as soon as I went home. You can find so many cool things at the Umbrella Market. It is something I encourage you to visit while you are here for Orientation this summer!

Umbrella Market

I got this picture off the Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market facebook page. This is me in the picture.

Another fun thing to do around town is painting your own pottery at Painted Peacock off Red Banks Road. I went the other week and had so much fun! You can choose your own pottery, and there are a wide variety of paints and glazes. Definitely worth the trip!

Painted PeacockIf you enjoy ADVENTURE and being outside then ECU has a great Adventure Program! During the school year and during the summer you are able to rent SUP boards, kayaks, and tents for an affordable rate. By taking a look at their facebook page you will see that they offer many trips throughout the summer. They recently went climbing up Pilot Mountain, and a group of people went out on the Tar River to enjoy a day on SUP boards. Take a look at their upcoming events for fun and exciting activities that you can enjoy during the summer months.

Yes, Greenville clears out during the summer and you may start to feel alone and bored. Checking out the Adventure Program or walking around the Umbrella Market, you have the chance to meet people who are in the same boat as you! I encourage you to check these places out!


Have fun and enjoy your summer!

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