So you’re looking at colleges and thinking about all of the great things that college has to offer. Meeting awesome new friends, joining great organizations, independence and getting the opportunity to do so many different things I couldn’t even list them all. But have you thought about working while you’re at school? Literally, working AT school. There are tons of different opportunities to work on campus and yes, even awesome ones,  like working at our campus radio station, WZMB.

Patrick Greene

This past week I had the opportunity to meet and talk to a couple of the nicest people on campus, Patrick Greene (DJ) and Steve Rollins (Station General Manager), and got some great insider information about WZMB and what it takes to be apart of close-knit team.

Working at WZMB is great opportunity for any student, especially incoming freshman because you’ll get four whole years of being a part of something great. And while you’re working at the radio station you’ll be gaining valuable work experience that you can put on your resume and the best part is you get paid too!


Working at the radio station students get the chance to get hands on experience with all of the technical aspects of being a DJ, get a chance to be heard by tons of people and you get all the inside information for sports, local and ECU news.

“…you get to play what tracks you want and talk about what you want. …I like every aspect of this experience so far.” -Patrick

This is one opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.


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