Five Things NOT to Expect at ECU

1. Starbucks in a snap.

-While some Starbucks sounds like a good idea right before your class, do not expect to get it on time. These baristas are making sure everybody else’s orders are made to perfection, not making sure they can get to class on time. Show up at least ten minutes earlier than you expected if you want to make sure a tardy is not in your future.

2. The washing and drying machines available in your favor.

-The washer and dryers are constantly going, basically 24/7. Everybody is making sure they have clean clothes, not just you. A good suggestion is not leaving your laundry until you only have the same t shirt you wore yesterday. Also, the best hours to get laundry done are during breakfast or lunch hours, when everybody is in class. (PS- people WILL take your clothes out if they need to make sure theirs get done!)

3. A timely lunch

-If you, like everybody else, laid out your schedule to give yourself a lunch break around noon, you may want to rethink that. The lunch hours are probably one of the most busiest hours on campus, and even though they work hard to get as much food ready as possible, we are hungry college students. And demanding, too.  Try to get there earlier, or after the rush if possible.

4. A quiet library (somewhat)

-The way Joyner Library is set up is amazing. On the first floor you have the ‘social’ floor. It’s ideal for group projects, meeting up at Starbucks, or just studying with friends without worrying about being too loud. As you move back towards the computers, it is a bit quieter (you WILL be shhhh’d!!) The second floor is almost silent, with all of the study rooms and bookshelves taking up room. And the third floor is perfect for just studying on your own with no distraction. The noise level is almost silent, and an evil glare can be shot your way if you’re making too much noise simply by walking up the steps.

5. Rowdy residence halls

-I can’t speak for all residence halls, but the one I lived in was pretty much quiet all the time. It seemed like everybody cared about each other’s privacy, and didn’t want to disturb that trust. There were not running footsteps on the hall above you, no thumping music, or blaring TV’s. Everybody understands what they are here at ECU for, and they respect that. You can definitely not expect some immature student banging on your door at 3 AM and then running away.

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