The Benefits of Minoring

Everyone is required to graduate with a major, but not a minor. By taking on a minor, you are showing future employers that you are willing to go above and beyond what is asked of you. Adding a minor will make your resume stand out to future employers. It could be the deciding factor between you and someone without a minor getting the job offer. College is all about preparing for the future so why not do all you can to enhance your chances of getting a job?

I am a junior communications major at ECU and just recently considered the possibility of minoring in business. Even though this may push my graduation date back a semester, I think it may be worth it.

No matter what your major is, you can’t go wrong with a minor. It may seem like a lot of extra classes but in reality these classes would be taken in place of some of your electives. You need 24 semester hours to minor, so technically if you take one three-credit class a semester for eight semesters you will have a minor.

It also is never a bad idea to broaden your knowledge, as they say, knowledge is power. Minors such as business, Spanish and communications can be useful to a lot of different majors.  A background in how a business operates can be useful if you plan on ever working in a business setting. Spanish gives you an advantage because Spanish is basically a second language in the United States. Communications will help you communicate with other people, that is a skill that could help you land job interviews or even get a promotion.

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