The Freshman Experience

Hello incoming Pirates!

You all are receiving your living assignments and the name of your roommate, how exciting! Moving into the dorm can be a hectic time, but living in the dorm is a wonderful experience…..that you will never want to experience again. I say this, because you meet so many people from across the country, people that live in your hometown, and you develop fun memories with the people living in your dorm! However, you get tired of wearing bathroom shoes, carrying a shower caddy, sharing a bathroom with a bunch of people, walking down three flights of stairs to do your laundry, and living in one room with another person even if you get along! Don’t get me wrong, if you did not live in the dorm, you would realize you missed out on such a great experience. It is part of being a freshman, and you will see the people you meet throughout your time at ECU.

One of my really good friends that I met in the dorm, Jones Hall, lived 20 minutes from me in Raleigh and we had a few mutual friends, just never met each other.

we met in Jones Hall in 2010! Still great friends

we met in Jones Hall in 2010! Still great friends

When I first moved into the dorm, I did not have a roommate. Luckily, I knew people from my high school and was still able to adapt pretty quickly. During my freshman English class, I overheard a girl talking about how she needed a new roommate, because she did not connect with her current one. I got up with her after class and told her I was in search for a roommate if she wanted to live with me. We moved her stuff from Tyler Hall to the fourth floor of Jones. We had mutual friends, we liked the same things and it started off great! We get along now, but eventually we started bickering and not agreeing on little things. I spent more and more time out of the room.

Here are a few things I remember from my freshman experience that may help you:

1) It really is important to sit down together, communicate, and be upfront with each other while filling out the roommate agreement form. It is better to disagree about something at the beginning than to go through the semester fighting. Your roommate does not have to be your best friend, just learn to live together.

2) Bunking your beds creates more space in your room, but the person on the top bunk will get annoyed with climbing up there every night. So, maybe switching throughout the year will be something to consider. I had about four different room changes. Living in tight quarters calls for a change of scenery every so often.

3) Be nice to your RA and respect him/her. They are there to help you and guide you NOT to get you in trouble. Keep in mind it is their job, and they will follow the rules.

4) You can hear through the walls…so, be careful what you talk about.

5) In my personal opinion, take the stairs as often as possible. You’ll be surprised how much it keeps the freshman 15 off.

6) ALWAYS wear shower shoes.

7) Make organization a priority.

8) Do not do laundry during peak hours, there are not enough washers and driers. Keep checking on your laundry for things could “mysteriously” go missing.

9) The dining halls offer TOGO boxes. It is nice to eat in the comfort of your own home at times.

10) BUY A RAINCOAT, UMBRELLA, and RAIN BOOTS! You will use them A LOT

If you have any issues or concerns with your living situation you can always talk to your Resident Advisor or visit your Neighborhood Service Office which can be found in your neighborhood dining hall,  West End or Todd Dining Hall.

ECU vs. NC STATE (first football game)

ECU vs. NC STATE (first football game)freshmandorm




My best friend came to visit me in the dorms!

My best friend came to visit me in the dorms!

Remember: HAVE  FUN but stay focused!

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