Why I Chose ECU

Why I Chose ECU

East Carolina University becomes home for thousands of students each year. ECU offers such a variety of majors, clubs, and events that any student can find what they are looking for here, but there is something that makes ECU stand out above all other universities.

Coming from Rocky Mount, about an hour away from Greenville, ECU gave me the security of being close to home for when the inevitable homesickness set in, but far enough away to get my first taste of what independence was like. Since every freshman is required to live on campus unless they live with parents in a 35 miles radius of campus, I decided to stay home and commute in order to save the money. Even though I chose to commute for my first year as a Pirate, the distance from home was not the sole factor in my decision in going to ECU.

ECU is home to some of the most infectious school spirit in the country. Greenville, North Carolina is painted in purple and gold and every citizen is an ECU Pirate at heart. When looking for a college, all I knew is that I wanted to choose a school that I would be proud to cheer for, a school where I could be proud to display their colors and my degree for years to come. After setting foot on ECU’s campus and learning about their communication major where I could concentrate in journalism, I knew this was the place for me.

It wasn’t long after I started going to ECU that I attended my first Pirate football game. If I thought the school spirit was electric before, it was nothing compared to a night at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. Once the first note of “Purple Haze” came through the speakers and the team rushed on the field, you could just feel it. There were a thousand different students there that night, but we were all united as one team. It’s a special feeling to be a part of something so large and that is exactly why I chose ECU.



“Loyal and Bold,

We’re the Purple and Gold,

We are the Pirates of E.C.U!”


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