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Gym Time

Now that spring is approaching, many Pirates are feeling the need to hit the gym.  The ECU Rec Center is one of my favorite spots on campus, and it had a large influence on my decision to come here. When coming in as college freshmen, most kids don’t anticipate the amount of free time they will have. Luckily, the gym […]

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Birthdays in College

Birthdays are a time for cake, celebrating with the family, and traditions that only come around once a year. But what happens when you go to college?  Typically, freshmen year of college is the first time students don’t spend their big day at home. Although its different, birthdays in college are actually a great time. My birthday fell on Wednesday, […]

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About Lindsay Rayner

Hey Guys! My name is Lindsay Rayner and I’m a freshmen majoring in Communications. My specialty is Public Relations, but I am still debating between that and Journalism.  At first I wasn’t sure if ECU was the right fit for me, but now I absolutely love it and couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.  I’m a member of the sorority Sigma […]

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